Apart from being a leading supplier of reliable Dutch cars, N&L Cars is also a careful intermediary for the transfer to new ownership. Meaning, we are your business partner for both offer and demand. The international export for Dutch cars has increased substantiously alongside the European demand for young, second-hand cars of superior quality. Dutch cars are of particular interest as they are not exposed to extreme conditions and regular maintenance is carried out with care and precision. To serve the Western European international import market, Nijland & Leussink have established a special export division called N&L Cars International.
Starting An Import Export Business.

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  1. cowgirl14 says:

    I have been thinking about and am pretty keen on starting a import export business, but I have no idea where to even start. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

  2. ynot says:

    Since you’ve never been in th import/export business before, I would strongly recommend that you talk to a business counselor before you do anything especially spend money. You have to determine whether you’ll start a web based business or one with a store front. I’d call the local office of SCORE (go to http://www.score.org and input your zip code to find the chapter nearest you), the advice is FREE. Ask for counnselor with import /export expertise and they’ll try their very best to match you with the right person.

    The counselor at SCORE will most likely advise you to write a business plan which is very good advice because it will force you to dig out all of the start up details and the costs of starting an import/export business and force you to also understand all of the aspects of this business including the customers you’ll concentrate on (your market ) and how you’ll go after them.

    You’ll need to register the business with your state controller’s office and make sure that you have any city and county licenses if any are needed where you live. All of this will come out in a business plan.

    Try this link :
    http://www.ychange.com/small-business-consulting-articles.html and read some of the articles especially the ones about a business plan and starting a business.
    Good Luck

  3. KansasDragon says:

    My Fiancee lives in the Philippines, and is interested in having a small import export business between the USA and the Philippines. We’re looking for resources to guide us in the proper business procedures.

    Books, Websites, Ebooks, or any resources would be greatly appreciated, especially if you have experience with them.

    Thank you!
    Currrently product details are unknown. My fiancee is visiting with family, friends, and business owners looking at possible products. Also, they are looking at Ebay to determine the sellability of products.

  4. imisidro says:

    I recommend reading the articles:

    Starting a Home-Based Exporting Business

    Laying the Foundations of Your Home Based International Trading Business

    Check out the following websites

    Federation of International Trade Association http://fita.org/index.html
    CMTAC Trade Information Database http://latrade.cmtac.org/trade_info/index.cfm
    Don’ts of Importing
    Flowchart of the export process http://www.export.gov/exportbasics/index.asp
    Going Global http://www.going-global.com/articles/

    You may also want to check out the following books:

    - Import/Export: How to Get Started in International Trade
    - Exporting, Importing, and Beyond : How to ‘Go Global’ With Your Small Business
    - Selling to the World: Your Fast and Easy Guide to Exporting and Importing
    - Start and Run a Profitable Exporting Business
    - Start Your Own Import/Export Business

    I am importing a few products from the Philippines. Shipping cost is high, and a large box of items could set you back P15,000-25,000 pesos (around $300-$500). If you talk of crates, so much more expensive. I suggest your fiance, aside from looking for products, actually start looking for brokers that can help them.

    In my experience, eBay is not the best marketplace for them, especially if you talk of handicraft items. I’ve never had much luck selling Philippine products on ebay. Buyers are not familiar with the products, there’s little demand for it. Shell jewelry boxes from Cebu for example, with matching picture frames are great looking – but I can never sell them on the first listing. Sometimes it takes me 5-10 relists to dispose of the item. I even tried selling papaya soap which is very popular in the Philippines, only to find limited buyers on ebay.

    The only thing that sells fast for me from the Philippines are vintage Philippine postcards (circa early 1900s), freshwater and South Sea pearl jewelries, and antique items (Ifugao, Maranaw, and other ethnic tribes).

    Thailand is a better place to get products. I have no problem selling pewter liquor holders from Thailand or their jewelries. I also import a lot of benjarong jars, and I can sell them real fast. Even batik paintings sell faster.

  5. dhara_usa81 says:

    I am starting my own import export business and need to find out buyers and sellers of Indian products and the products in deman now. Where I can turn for help?

  6. nagab says:

    i dont know where ur exactly from..though i can suggest as per my knowledge..

    we cant tell exactly which product having very good boom

    based on the geographical or seasonwise try to concentrate ..okey..or try to search alibaba.com..surely you can get more information and that information also very helpful for ur bright future..thanks

  7. kumar.b says:

    Hi friend, Currently i am working as a software engineer.Now am planning to quit my job and start a import export business.So as the first step who should i contact and where..?Is it good to take a courses about import/export.If so which is the best institute which provides the course in distance education……Am totally confused with what others have told me…please tell me what to do now to start a import/export business…Thanks in advance..

  8. AndrewStrauss says:

    I think at first you have to get licencse from government Authorities.

  9. AbhimanyuDatta says:

    How to start a home based import export business in India with no or very minimal capital requirements. Also rules prescribed by indian govt for import export business.
    which items should be focussed on & even if it is on small scale how to go about it.
    Pls Help a budding Entrepreneue.

  10. MadboyP says:

    You have to first register with the registrar of companies and also with the local commerce federation for obtaining a license for exim.

  11. mayuru says:

    I am starting import export business in India. I am looking for product which can be marketed easily in India with good profit. So please suggest a product for importing from any country with comparatively low investment. Also, I don’t have any background of distribution.

  12. Claudio says:

    Furniture such as rugs are really popular in india , also you can make alot of money selling furniture in india

  13. Steve says:

    I have recently moved to Los Angles and would like to change careers. My background is in construction and I have worked as a site superintendent for a custom home builder for the last five years. I would like to get into import export business and eventually do it full time. Where do you start? What can I expect? Thanks.

  14. Asifh says:

    Try AliBaba.com …..its best

  15. kingkong says:

    Do you think that an Import/Export business that will export products from Panama to the Caribbean Islands and possibly south America will be a good idea? It will be based in Panama and in 3 caribbean Islands and south america. Does it sound feasible?

  16. Seryan says:

    Yes. Using the Free Trade Zone in Colon, (the second largest in the world – after Hong Kong) you can drop ship in container sized shipments more efficiently and at less cost than any other port to other port cities in the Caribbean or South America.

    (You might also consider shipping from Colon to Limon, Costa Rica’s only Caribbean Port. Costa Rica and Panama have just signed a free trade agreement.)

    BUT…it does depend on what kind of goods you are selling and what the market is in each of the three islands that you wish to sell to. Will you be competitive? Do you have a product that they want?

    Do you have sales reps in each island? Or a sales rep who will travel and sell. Nothing can happen until you have a sales order. And it takes shoe leather to get the order when you’re new.

    After you get buy-sell relations started, and get return orders, you will have a stable business.

    There are many of this type operating out of Colon, taking advantage of the location and the Free Trade aspect.

    Good luck! It’s a good idea.

  17. AnksGodhani says:

    Friend’s,i want to start import export business.But fact is that i have no single idea abt it.so kindly provide info right from product to imp-exp to its final mkt with investment.and which products are best for export from india to anywhere in world ?
    plzzz help me…..

  18. Rhythm says:

    Handlooms and leather goods are the best to export from india.

    you need a export license and a bank account where you can accept forex.

    You also need to look for buyers, list yourself of alibaba.com or google business and people and pottential buyers will contact you.

  19. Buddy says:

    i am thinking of starting an import export business. I will start with agent where i will bring buyers to a manufacturer and get my commission.

    As i have no experience in this field i just want to know how can i make sure that i get my commission. Manufacturer might refuse to pay my commission later on.

  20. WilliamC. says:

    document EVERY transaction….

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